Optional Services for Personalized Chronic Illness Plans

Let’s say your practice is ahead of the game, and you already offer plans to address the most common chronic illnesses you see in your hospital. You’ve designed your chronic illness plans with a set amount of visits, diagnostic tests, and prescription medications.   But then one of your patients,

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Key Benefits of Chronic Illness Plans

Obesity, one of the most common chronic conditions to plague pets, is reaching epidemic proportions — up 158% in the last decade. The surge of overweight pets complicates chronic health conditions like diabetes, osteoarthritis, hypothyroidism, and beyond. To stay healthy, pets with chronic conditions require more than routine preventive care.

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What Are Chronic Illness Plans?

Like preventive care plans, chronic illness plans are bundles of health services that pet parents pay for monthly when their pet has a long-term condition. These bundles can include a variety of products and services, such as: Exams Diagnostic tests Medications Nutrition Chronic illness plans carry a number of benefits.

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