Uncertain Times Call for Innovative Ways to Obtain and Budget for Pet Care

Introducing: Dental Savings Plans, Treatment or Chronic Illness Plans, and Membership Plans

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The full financial impact and long-term effects of the pandemic are still unknown. Being prepared to enable pet owners to obtain pet care through affordable monthly payment options will be key. Pet owners will require payment options for a variety of pet care needs, going beyond preventive care.

The Practice and Business of Wellness

Only VCP Delivers Both the Practice and the Business of Wellness

VCP is empowering practices to compete and thrive in an evolving pet care industry. New services, changing demographics and online abilities are transforming how consumers behave and purchase services. These changing behaviors carry over to how pet owners utilize and pay for care, treatment, pet services and other necessities for their pets. VCP is leading the way to ensure veterinary practices are positioned to meet these demands and succeed.

The Practice of Wellness

The design, set-up and day-to-day management of your wellness program is crucial. At VCP we partner with you to quickly and easily create, launch and manage a program specific to your practice and client needs. We train your team and help you market and build your wellness program brand to differentiate your practice. The Practice of Wellness is the foundation of a complete wellness program and requires an end-to-end software solution to address all aspects of the program. At VCP we’re dedicated to your wellness plan program success and are with you at every step.

The Business of Wellness

We are changing how the industry thinks about wellness programs and revolutionizing capabilities and results at a practice level. The Business of Wellness is all about bringing everything together and making sure that you deploy a program that meets all of your goals for pet healthcare as well as the business success desired for your practice. The Business of Wellness brings together brand strategy, marketing programs, advanced training, and breakthrough tools that allow you to get guidance and real time information typically only available to large organizations.

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VCP Knows Exactly What It Takes to Ensure Your Practice is Among the Top 35% that Succeed with Preventive Care Plans

Benefits of a Successful. VCP Wellness Program

Preventive Care Plans

Our experienced team utilizes existing industry guidelines to help define your preventive care protocols and create the best plans for your practice.

We help you build the best plans at the best price for your location and demographic circumstances. Our optional services functionality ensures that the individual needs of each pet are taken into consideration. Healthier pets, happy, loyal clients and a healthy practice – it’s what VCP is all about.

It takes a team. Our experienced coaches know this, and provide tools and guidance to advance a culture of wellness in your practice. When team members recognize the ‘why’ behind wellness plans, it is no longer about the act of selling and all about offering the very best care for the pet.

When your practice offers wellness plans, it definitely shouldn’t be kept a secret! Whether you are trying to reach potential new clients, lapsed clients or clients that are already coming through the door, our marketing team is here to help. We can provide sample website content and banners, customized brochures, email templates, posters and more. And, our onboarding package always includes practice branded plan comparison sheets that allow clients to see the different plans and pricing in order to choose the one that is best for their pet.

A renewal strategy begins on day one, and VCP can help ensure a high auto renewal rate at your practice through targeted communications, optimal scheduling recommendations and value recognition.

Wellness plan billing is a recurring revenue model that requires its own accounts receivable tracking. VCP provides the only wellness plan platform built on an accounts receivable foundation that delivers a long-term, scalable solution that ensures accurate accounts receivable management and revenue recognition. For large multi-location organizations, VCP provides GAAP accounting features, reporting and compliance expertise.

People often confuse recurring payments with recurring billing. Billing includes statement generation, accounting transactions, consumer billing notifications, payment debits, automated missed debit corrections, missed payment management including advanced technology AND the people to follow up when needed, along with the underlying accounts receivable management to make sure everything is tracked cleanly. Recurring payments simply do the payment debits and do little to nothing with the rest.  Unlike other solutions, VCP is built upon a proven recurring payments AND billing platform to make sure at scale you have complete control, automation, ease and visibility.

Our smart technology automates and solves many of the issues that cause a missed payment – from expiring credit card alerts, to friendly payment reminders and a pet owner portal where your clients can check the status of their plan account. Built into the technology is our automated smart reattempt logic that based on statistical success rates, cures many of the payment issues. For the missed payments that do occur, VCP has the most advanced missed payment management workflow around! And if you need help managing the missed payments, VCP is the answer. Once again it is all about flexibility and the whole solution.

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Preventive Care Plans Make a Difference

Offering preventive care plans demonstrates that your practice cares about pets and their owners and engenders the type of loyalty that often seems a thing of the past. The resulting increased compliance on recommended services, both in and outside of the plans, is what results in healthier pets and a healthy practice.

Preventive Care Plans
Healthier Pets

Preventive care plans educate pet owners on the needs of their pets, providing them peace-of-mind and ensure more pets get the care they need. And, what they appreciate, it breaks the cost down to a more affordable monthly payment that fits more easily into their budget.

A Healthy Bottom Line

Practices with successful preventive care plans see dramatic increases in revenue, average pet spend and compliance on important services such as dentistry, spay/neuter and diagnostics. Veterinarians experience improved client relationships and educational opportunities, as well as an increase in production pay. Want specifics? Contact VCP, we are the industry leader, and we will answer your questions and help determine whether it is the right time for your practice to implement a wellness plan program.

Preventive Care Plans

The VCP Wellness Plan Platform provides more control and flexibility than any other plan management solution available, allowing your practice to put the needs of pets and their owners before all else. Plans educate pet owners about the care needed at each stage of their pet’s life, while at the same time breaking down barriers to care by providing budget friendly monthly payments. The result is an overwhelming change in how pet owners interact with and view a veterinary practice; no longer just a ‘necessary’ service provider, the veterinary team becomes a trusted advisor for the lifetime of a pet. VCP will help you establish those incredible relationships that make it all worthwhile.

Let us take the guess work out of your wellness plan program. With over 25 years of experience in recurring billing and payments, and over 5 years of experience, and over 300,000 plans under management, our tools and one-on-one support from plan design to launch and beyond, remain unsurpassed.

Treatment, Lifestyle and Employee Plans

payment management platform

Our goal is to provide an automated billing and payment management platform that allows a practice to create unique offerings beyond the scope of age-based preventive care plans. Consider the improved care and compliance if you offered a diabetic management plan or kidney plan, where a pet owner could spread the cost of optimal disease management into monthly payments. Use your imagination to create lifestyle plans that include daycare, boarding, training and more. And using the VCP platform to create employee plans can help manage and track these benefits, while at the same time demonstrating the importance of preventive care for their own pets.

Treatment Plans

Offering disease management and treatment plans is an amazing way to differentiate your practice and meet the needs of your clients by helping them afford and budget for ongoing care. In fact, a sign of a successful preventive care plan program is that more pets are diagnosed earlier with health issues, which means living longer, healthier lives with proper disease management. Treatment plans allow you to bundle specific services, diagnostics and even products for continued care and therapy. Think arthritis, diabetes, kidney disease, dentistry, rehabilitation, weight management and pain management, just to name a few.

Lifestyle Plans

Offer doggie daycare, luxury boarding or other unique pet care services at your practice? Think creatively, and offer lifestyle plans to increase usage and grow these ancillary business segments.

Employee Plans

One of the most important benefits veterinary practices offer their employees is discounted pet care, but this can easily get out of hand and become very expensive for the practice. Using the VCP platform for employees allows you to structure these benefits, track service consumption and provide documented value. Using a separate portal just for team members allows you to offer plans at discounted rates and automate payments just as you do for clients, reducing the need to allow for paycheck deductions.

Healthier Pets. A Healthy Bottom Line

Payment Plans in Time of Need
Simplify with Get Offers.

It is hard turning away a pet owner that cannot pay in full for the care that their pet desperately needs. Sometimes just a little help can make all the difference. VCP’s in-house payment plan module was created to simplify and reduce the risk associated with what many practices already do – offer payment plans to pet owners by holding checks or credit card information, or sending a monthly invoice and hoping to get paid. Built on best practices, the module reduces practice risk by formalizing the agreement and automating payment and billing.

in-house payment plan
get offers

Exclusive Get Offers Capabilities
VCP’s exclusive “Get Offers” functionality makes payment plans easy. You create the program and set the risk parameters. You control the down payment, interest rate and payment terms based on the risk of the procedure and/or pet owner. Our platform will automatically collect payments and deposit them into your account each month. It’s hard to say no. Helping you say yes, while helping limit your risk is part of the plan.

I just want to take a minute to express my appreciation for the VCP staff and for their accuracy and friendliness. Through a complicated transfer from our long term in-house managed wellness plans to the VCP on line management of payments and consumed services, the staff at VCP program have been fantastic. Jessica has been attentive to our requirements & preferences while creating our plans in the VCP system. The online training brochure has been useful but it’s the support team that gets back to us with specific problem solving advice. When immediate direction is needed…Long is the “magic man”! He’s cool, calm & collected while investigating the complexities of the payment system. Thanks to everyone on the team!

Nancy Hay, RVT, CVPM
Practice Manager
Coldwater Animal Hospital

Things are going really smoothly. The website is really easy to navigate and very user friendly.

​Kathy Batzinger, Clifton Park Animal Hospital

VCP has been a huge help regarding our​ ​plans. They’ve taken the work out of us doing them ourselves, which is a big time saver. ​The team is very helpful with setting up plans and respond quickly if we have any questions or concerns. We truly enjoy working with VCP!

​Kellie Beverley, Office Manager at Horseshoe Lake Animal Hosptial​

Wellness plans can definitely help save lives! As part of our senior care packages we offer radiographs, which is something clients rarely do as a preventive measure on their own. In this particular case we got great films and saw nothing of concern. Two months later our client brought his dog back in because she wasn’t feeling well. We did another set of radiographs, and thought we noticed a splenic mass. Luckily we had the films from two months prior to compare to, and were able to confirm significant changes to the spleen. As a result we performed an emergency splenectomy, and the dog is doing great – we were so grateful the dog was on a plan and we had previous radiographs to use for comparison!

Lacy Kruger, Practice Manager
Dynamite Animal Hospital

The admin portal is very user friendly making designing and pricing plans fast and simple. For the team, enrolling a pet, picking options or updating information is just as easy. I am now adding treatment plans to further help our clients with pets that have specific needs and to further grow the practice.

Tara O’Connor, Practice Manager
Valley Lakes Veterinary Clinic

Many of the other companies we considered had pre-made plans that we would have been unable to alter. It’s also nice that we have a good deal of accessibility to the accounts so that we can also adjust client information, payment information and add on services to existing plans.

Lindsay Topmiller, Practice Manager
Bernalillo Pet Care Center

Being able to make a monthly payment to cover the preventive care their pets need has made a big difference for some of our clients. And for the team, VCP takes a huge burden off our shoulders by handling the financial and credit complications on their end.

Lindsay Topmiller, Practice Manager
Bernalillo Pet Care Center

VCP wellness plans have resulted in us seeing more clients sign up for preventive care plans. As a result we have seen a steady growth in our revenue and number of client visits since starting with ​VCP. It is very easy to set up, you choose the services you want to offer and they do the rest, including helping you market the plans.

Dr. Eric Mann
Hamilton Animal Hospital

Let VCP Take the Uncertainty Out of Your Preventive Care Plan Program.

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