Business Intelligence With Real-Time Analytics and Key Industry Performance Indicators

Your care plan program is a strategic business initiative that can play a major role in meeting a variety of business goals, such as higher compliance, increased customer loyalty, revenue growth and the adoption and use of other services and products. To provide the insight you need, VCP provides you and your wellness coach with easy-to-use and insightful data analytics and utilization tools to set goals, track progress against those goals, and provide real-time visibility into your program.

Setting Goals and Forecasts

The Business of Wellness starts with understanding the overall opportunity of your program and forecasting target results to help the whole team drive the success of the program. Your wellness coach will help you set goals with threshold monitoring to help you realize the full potential of your program.


The VCP forecasting calculator includes variables that allow you to manipulate program performance based on various input parameters, such as:


  • Average monthly uplift
  • 3-year horizon on number of enrollments per practice
  • 3-year horizon on number of practices producing plans, by month
  • Missed payment rates
  • Renewal rates

Setting Thresholds to Meet Your Forecast

  • Determine goals by practice to meet your forecasting goals and set metrics with appropriate monitoring thresholds, by KPI
  • Metrics can easily be added, starting with roughly 15 at this point, designed to drive visibility at all levels of the organization and to quickly identify issues, at a practice level
  • Practice-level view allows a regional or corporate manager to easily communicate with the practice about results

Performance Dashboard

The performance dashboard provides you a detailed view of key data points, using easy-to-understand charts, so you can monitor the success of your program. It also allows you to download the data so that you can look at it in different ways if you prefer. Key categories, such as new enrollments, service consumption, ancillary spending, active plans breakdown and more, provide information such as:


  • Number of new plans, broken down by species and age group along with the added value of optional services
  • Total value of your program, broken down in various ways
  • Detailed breakdown of active plan activity, including count, usage and dollars
  • Details on how much your wellness pets are spending versus your non-wellness pets
  • And more

Utilization Dashboard

The utilization dashboard is designed to let you set goals for your program (year to year) and easily monitor your progress against those goals. Your VCP team works with you to set up your goals, based on actuals from other practices like yours. This dashboard allows you to monitor your progress and quickly see where you are succeeding and where you might want to focus additional effort – keeping in mind, your VCP team is with you every step of the way, helping you make adjustments as necessary.


  • Red, yellow and green indicators to easily identify practices needing assistance
  • Ties analytics to agreed upon thresholds, by practice, for comprehensive report card
  • Default threshold templates driven from actuals, using tagging to determine best template per practice
  • Customization at the practice level allows for specific practice dynamics
  • Role-based visibility and assignment (location, regional, corporate)
  • Easy filtering and sorting
  • Practice level screen shows desired metrics with details for the given practice
  • Ability to add to activity center work list for an optimized workflow

Practice Report Card

The ability for specific team members to quickly see how your care plan program is tracking to your goals is very important. The report card allows key members to instantly visualize how the program is going using red, yellow, green metric achievement thresholds. At any time, members can quickly dive in deeper to get details. Visibility to key measurements of success will ensure everyone is on the same page and moving forward.

Utilization and Activity Center

The VCP utilization and action center allows you and your wellness coach to set goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) for your program, and the green, yellow and red dots provide a quick visual of status. Your wellness coach can easily work with you and provide insight to help in any areas that may be underperforming and help ensure your program is a success.

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