Extending Care to Pets With Chronic Illnesses

Beyond Preventive Care

When a pet develops a chronic illness, the cost of ongoing care and treatment can cause sticker shock for some pet parents. That’s why VCP’s industry-leading software for care plans also empowers practices to create chronic illness plans with affordable monthly payments.


VCP’s flexibility allows you to design plans that fit your treatment protocols. Plus, our comprehensive functionality permits you to customize a basic plan with options tailored to a specific pet’s needs.


Just like with our preventive care plan functionality, you can add options mid-plan to adapt to changing conditions. These same optional services can be set to not auto-renew — so the plan renews to your basic plan protocol. You can then add new options, as needed, the following year.


Plan Offering

You design the chronic-care plans you want to offer. Some of the more common plan offerings include:


  • Cushing’s and Addison’s disease
  • Diabetes
  • Rehabilitation
  • Thyroid
  • Dental
  • Holistic

Payment and Service Terms

VCP’s platform enables you to set separate service terms (number of months) and payment terms (number of payments). With this flexibility, you can design payment terms that are best for your practice. For example, you might require a pet parent to pay you over 6 months for a 12-month diabetes plan.

Introducing Stand-Alone Pet Dental Plans​

Nearly two-thirds of care plans today include dental care. VCP’s preventive care plans not only allow you to add oral care options at any time, but also create stand-alone dental plans to promote greater compliance and healthy smiles.

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