Introducing Stand-Alone Pet Dental Plans

VCP is known as the leader for care plans, particularly preventive care plans. Now, the same industry-leading software also can drive dental compliance and pet health. VCP’s preventive care plans allow you to add dentistry options at any time, even for parents who had initially opted out. But what about pet parents who forgo preventive care plans altogether? Today, you can help them too. VCP pet dental plans are stand-alone dental plans to promote dental compliance.



Your doctor recommends oral care for a Schnauzer, Sebastian. The pet parent didn’t sign up for a preventive care plan, but needs help budgeting for dental treatment, which may or may not include extractions. You can suggest a dental treatment plan for Sebastian.


Here’s how it works:

  • The basic plan consists of a grade two cleaning
  • The plan outlines what is to be expected
  • Sebastian is enrolled with a down payment, then monthly payments begin
  • The pet parent makes six monthly payments, but services can be done over 12 months


You discuss possible extractions for Sebastian at the time of enrollment, but don’t select that option until later, because you don’t know if they’re needed or not. Dental treatment plan options follow your process and preferences, such as:


  • Increments of time
  • Number of extractions

Time of Treatment

The pet parent brings Sebastian in for his dental cleaning 3 months later. By that time, your practice has collected the down payment and 3 monthly payments, which will cover much of the cost. As part of the check-in process, the pet parent is informed that extractions might be a possibility. During treatment, two extractions are recommended, but the pet parent isn’t sure how to afford them.


With the dental treatment plan, you can add options to the current plan for extra increments of time or number of extractions. Simply go back to the plan, pick the option for two extractions, and add it to the plan. The VCP system will prorate the cost over the remaining monthly payments, making it easy for the pet parent to say — Yes!


Dental Plan Renewal

The dental plan renews each year, but the options do not. This means that Sebastian is set for a stand-alone cleaning, but if he needs extractions, you can add them just like before. VCP pet dental plans leave everyone with a smile.

Extending Care to Pets With Chronic Illnesses​

Cash-strapped pet parents often struggle with the cost of caring for an ill pet. That’s why VCP empowers practices to create chronic-care treatment plans with affordable monthly payments. The result? Healthier pets and happier pet parents.

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