We Continue To Add New Features

Thanks for Your Input!

Please take a minute to read about new functionality and options in our ongoing efforts to continually improve your Membership plan experience.

Key items included with this update are:

  • Enrollment Application Signature Pad
    Now the option for print or digital signature will show at the same time.
  • Update Payment Information
    Be able to apply updated payment information to a plan that currently has a payment pending without having to stop the payment, update and then reset the payment.
  • Reminder Alerts
    Key alerts to help ensure the result you want.
  • And More!!!

June 11th, Midnight

The entire VCP team thanks you for choosing VCP wellness. Please remember we are here to help you succeed. Any questions please let your wellness coach know.

If you experience an issue upon trying to log in to your portal you may need to delete browser history.

It is important to make sure that your internet browser (Chrome, Explorer, Firefox or Safari) is always updated to the most current version available. Browsers are updated regularly as compliance and security needs change. If your computer is not set to auto-update, and you are utilizing an older version of your browser, there is a chance you will not be able to view or utilize all of the functionality in your VCP platform.