Enterprise Solutions for Multi-Location Practices

Multi-location veterinary organizations of all sizes reap tremendous benefits from wellness programs. VCP’s multi-location partners see spending that is 2.7 to 3.2 times higher on wellness pets compared to non-wellness pets.


Only VCP delivers enterprise capabilities, industry know-how, accounting expertise, and professional services to guarantee successful program design, marketing, training, launch, and ongoing management.

Key areas of expertise are:

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Process, Reporting, and Insight at All Levels
and User Needs

With VCP, you get the immediate benefit of a flexible enterprise-level wellness structure that supports your business model. We offer access and function-oriented views at the corporate, regional, and local level, along with the corresponding user access rights. The views offer a window into location-specific, regional, and corporate reporting structures, as well cash flow management flexibility, key business intelligence, and analytics for care plan program insight at every level of your organization. More than software, VCP’s technology helps ensure consistency across your organization by delivering best practices, process, accountability, and insight.

Advanced Payment Management
With Collections Management Module

VCP’s extensive recurring billing experience and accounting-based software delivers the business know-how your practice demands. Our platform enables proactive payment management, rolling balances, and automation to cut down the number of payment issues and make information available for fast action. When payment issues happen, the VCP software uses smart reattempt logic, which resolves 35% of these issues. Plus, our proven customer support team calls the pet parent by day 8 on any outstanding payment, freeing your team of this burden and delivering higher payment rates.

Business System Integration

Your growing organization has unique business requirements and integration needs. As a wellness technology company, VCP offers a complete state-of-the-art API suite. Designed for easy integrations, we use RESTful APIs, provide sandbox environments with Swagger for ease-of use, along with overview documentation covering the most common use-case examples. We work with third-party data collection platforms and with your internal team to funnel information to in-house data warehouses, enabling you to pull specific information and run reports desired for business intelligence.

Accounting and Cashflow Management

If you’re like most multi-location organizations, your accounting considerations are unique. VCP supports various accounting structures and provides the corresponding reporting. VCP supports solutions based on cash and accrual, along with GAAP accounting for most multi-location partners. VCP also supports 12-month, 13-month, and 4,4,5 accounting calendars. Our cash flow management also supports automated payment and settlement. This functionality meets organization-specific needs, such as settlement by location, settlement by ownership structure or region, and single-account settlement across the entire organization with independent and roll-up reporting.

Universal Token Support for All Apps With
Our PCI-Compliant Data Vault

Changing your merchant processor can cause an issue with your care plan programs. If merchant processors are unwilling or unable to release tokens for your care plan clients, your business is saddled with the burden of reaching out to pet parents to obtain new payment information. VCP solves this problem by providing our own compliant data vault. We tokenize and secure information, so if your banking relationship changes, we can easily port tokens — eliminating the problem of payment interruptions. In addition, this capability allows us to support all your needs, such as custom apps and more.

Advanced Marketing Support
and Fulfillment Resources

Creating the right program to back your branding initiatives is essential. A care plan program provides great opportunities to build a singularly branded initiative or support individual, local brands. VCP offers an in-house graphics department, which includes a seasoned brand strategist. Our marketing services provide the flexibility your business needs. VCP provides options ranging from completely driving the branding and marketing effort (including branding, design and fulfillment) to serving as a resource and collaborator to support your internal marketing team. With active communication, push pull strategies, and key marketing elements, VCP is here to set the stage for your success.

Advanced Pricing Analysis

Care plans have come a long way. Today’s well-run care plans are about building relationships, loyalty, and compliance to reap higher revenues.


VCP has revolutionized the role of care plans through the creation of the Business of Wellness. Our philosophy: If you’re going to discount, then discount with a purpose. We evaluate local pricing with a pricing radius search around each hospital. We find out whether area hospitals are providing care plans, how the plans are priced, and what they include. This information allows us to help you design specific plans that drive value — rather than a discount — and promote your additional services.


Care plans are no longer about discounts — they are a business strategy to lay the foundation for success across the hospital and its service offerings. Read more about this in our Business of Wellness section.

Drive Program Growth, Set KPIs, and Track Success

Defined, consistent goals and KPIs drive business intelligence, providing the guidance, insight, and vital information necessary for short-term and long-term success. VCP’s analytics and data not only provide key information and insight, they’re also supported by data-driven processes and tools to grow care plan programs.


With VCP’s enterprise flexibility, you can view data at the local, regional, and corporate levels to fully understand progress and bottom-line results. The platform includes a host of crucial data points to assess program growth, including care plan pet spend compared to non-care plan pet spend, uptake of optional services, and the effectiveness of promotional programs tied to your care plan program. VCP also uses TAGs that enable comparative analytics to see how similar practices are doing. Analytics and data in the Business of Wellness set VCP apart.

Professional Services

Organizations grow, as do their resource needs. Understanding this, VCP works with each of its partners to best support their needs in key areas of care plan program management. This spans branding and marketing, care plan accounting, GAAP considerations, technology, and business system integrations at every stage of growth. Helping you create a care plan program that meets your organization’s unique needs and culture is important to us. VCP is here to provide resources, as needed, to support or to supplement your team as part of our care plan.

Ecosystem Partners

A comprehensive program demands seamless integration of care plan opportunities and consistent messaging. VCP works closely with many ecosystem partners to further integrate and drive the success of your program. Current partnerships span areas such as telehealth, pet insurance, on-hold messaging, reception area displays, pet-parent videos, and educational gifts and promotions. Through our partnerships, VCP provides an end-to-end roadmap for short-term and long-term success.

Veterinary Chronic Illness Plans,
Resort and Daycare

Today’s veterinary services are evolving and growing. A preventive care program is the perfect platform to promote current services — including grooming, daycare, and pet resort programs — and expand into new ones. The goal behind this is boosting compliance and revenue, while improving pet health.


VCP’s platform enables you to create mix-and-match or stand-alone membership programs for optional services and treatments, along with stand-alone dental plans and much more. You can customize your plans with flexible payment and service terms, so you’re not locked into one size or 12 months of services and 12 months of payments.

With You at Every Step

Fast-growing organizations need a partner who not only propels their care plan program to success, but also one that can help fill resource gaps. VCP delivers expertise in all the key areas you need. Our services encompass program design and pricing, optional services strategy, branding and marketing, business system integration and conversions, financial accounting and cash flow management, analytics, and training. Our goal? To maximize your internal resources and shore up any programmatic gaps until your program warrants adding internal team members. At that time, we can help train your new hires for success.