Membership Plans - Grow Loyalty and Use of Other Services

Beyond Preventive Care

VCP makes it easy to add additional services as options to a preventive care plan — encouraging pet parents to try other services, such as daycare, grooming, boarding, and more. Utilizing other services is a great way to promote trials or add value to your preventive care plans and differentiate your practice.


In addition to using grooming, daycare, boarding and others as added options to preventive care, you can create membership-only plans that bundle these services into packages and automate a monthly payment. These membership-style plans not only make other practice-offered services more affordable, they also can drive recurring revenue. The same great features delivered in the VCP preventive care plan software can be used for your membership plans. For example, you can design a daycare plan with the option of baths, so a pet parent can add the service to their daycare membership plan as needed. The pet parent appreciates the option, while you enjoy revenue gains.

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