Online Plan Enrollment Capabilities

Today’s times demand flexibility and new solutions to connect pets to high-quality care. Pet parents are not only on the go, but some also can’t physically visit pet hospitals in certain parts of the country. They need convenient options to enroll their furry friends in care plans.


VCP is empowering practices and pet parents with self-managed enrollment to meet today’s ever-evolving times. Partners who take advantage of this feature can let pet parents self-enroll at home or while curbside. Self-signup streamlines the process of enrolling in a care plan, with simple, easy-to-follow steps.


Pet parents simply go to the practice’s self-signup portal. The portal is accessible via desktop and laptop computers and on mobile devices. Once there, they can browse through available care plans, pick optional services, review FAQs, and pay the required enrollment fees. The entire process takes mere minutes.


If pet parents don’t choose options at signup, or aren’t sure which options to select, VCP’s technology includes the exclusive ability to add optional services after enrollment. Practice staff can easily add the options later with just a few quick clicks in the VCP platform. Research shows the majority of pet parents appreciate the financial certainty and health advantages of care plans for their pets. With self-signup capabilities, VCP gives pet parents one more reason to love your practice’s care plans.

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