With our strategic partnerships, you receive
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VCP’s network of industry partners provides an array of innovative, effective services that complement the Business of Wellness to position your care plan program as a strategic business initiative. They are carefully picked to help enhance the veterinary practice’s relationship with pet parents to drive the veterinarian’s trusted advisor relationship to the next level. Together with our partners, we’re committed to helping your care plan program reach its maximum potential.

Feline DNA and Dental Testing

Just like dog parents, cat parents need to be educated about their cat’s overall health, breed traits, and oral health to understand the importance of a lifetime of preventive care. With Basepaws, your practice can identify genetic issues early on, so owners can be proactive about preventing health problems related to their cat’s unique makeup. This knowledge not only can improve cat health, but also can foster stronger client loyalty. In addition, Basepaws offers a preventative dental test with the latest advances in microbiome and sequencing technology to promote good oral health in cats.

Link - Smart Pet Wearable

The Link smart pet wearable provides countless ways to stay active in your pet’s life – whether you’re together or apart. Link’s GPS-equipped smart pet wearable gives pet parents personalized insights to help them understand their pets’ needs and activities. Each small wearable device, easily attached to any collar or harness, comes with high-tech features to foster a well-rounded connection to every aspect of a pet’s life, including real-time location tracking, activity measurement, analysis and reporting, vibration and tone training controls, and even an LED light for nighttime safety. Link also incorporates veterinary records and reminders so the veterinarian remains at the center of wellness care.

Canine DNA Test

It’s often challenging to educate pet parents about the importance of a lifetime of wellness. With Neogen’s Igenity Canine Wellness, veterinary professionals can proactively identify and inform clients about a host of relatively common actionable diseases for a specific pet based on genetic markers. Awareness of genetic risks allows veterinary professionals to make more informed recommendations on diet, diagnostic screening, and lifestyle to enable a longer, happier life for each pet. The test can easily be added to puppy plans or adult plans for adopted dogs on VCP’s platform.

On-Hold Messaging

The seconds or minutes spent on hold represent an untapped opportunity to educate and connect with pet owners, strengthen your pet parent relationships, and grow your practice. With PawsTime on-hold messaging, your practice can leverage hold time to promote care plans to keep preventive care top of mind with your clients. The messaging service also allows you to showcase practice services, educate pet owners, improve compliance with pet-care recommendations, and much more.

Educational Resources for Pet Owners

Wondering how to share pet care information outside the exam room? Preventive Vet’s 101 Essential Tips books are chock-full of wellness and life-saving information to reinforce the message you’re conveying to clients during a visit. Written by general practice and emergency veterinarian Dr. Jason Nicholas, the books are a reliable, bond-building resource. The books are a great compliment to care plan club gifts and can be a strategic tool to remind pet parents of preventive care as their pet enters their next life stage.

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