Utilizing Monthly Payment Solutions for Dental Savings Plans and Chronic illness Plans

The veterinary industry has responded with compassion, innovation and hard work in the quest to help pet owners during these uncertain times.  Veterinary professionals, support team members and the industry are working together to get through the challenges of delivering pet care and treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The full financial impact and long-term affects of the pandemic are still unknown. Being prepared to enable pet owners to continue to obtain pet care and delivering payment options is going to be key. Pet owners will need options for a wide variety of pet care needs, going beyond preventive care.

VCP has become a leader in preventive care plan solutions, but key to the VCP solution is the flexibility to enable all types of plans including:  Preventive care plans, treatment plans for chronic illness, dental savings plans and even membership plans for grooming, boarding and daycare. Providing pet owners with the ability to fit an affordable monthly payment into their budget will be crucial and will help in the quest to continue providing needed treatment to pets.

Preventive Care Plans

As the industry leader, VCP provides flexibility and guidance to design plans that meet your preventive care protocols and enable optional services that can be added as needed, at enrollment or mid plan, and bundled in with the monthly payment. Our Wellness Coaches work with you at every step, to create a program specific to your practice the needs of your clients. The program covers plan design, pricing analysis and strategies, optional services, practice workflow, marketing and ongoing training. Our comprehensive software leads the industry in breadth of functionality including full recurring billing, payment management and missed payment management, advanced analytics, and more.

Unique to VCP is the ability to separate payment terms from the duration during which you deliver services.  This allows you to create plans where you accelerate the collections of payments while leaving the months of service the same.  For example, you can create a 9- month plan that has money collected over 3 months.  While this flexibility is not necessary for preventive care plans, it does allow you to create additional types of plans that pet owners need.

Treatment Plans

Many pets have chronic illnesses that require regularly scheduled visits and treatment. COVID-19 may make it hard for some pet owners to afford and pay for care all at once. The VCP platform supports treatment plans with the same flexibility and customization as it does with preventive care plans. With VCP, you can create treatment plans that enable your clients to continue the much-needed care for their pets all with a more affordable monthly payment. Some example treatment plans include Cushing’s Disease, Diabetes, Rehab and more.

Dental Savings Plans

Dental compliance is a major goal.  Enabling pet owners to plan and afford dental surgery for their pets during a financial crisis will be crucial.  Our VCP Dental Savings Plans enable the creation of a savings plan that helps the pet owner budget for their pet’s dental needs. The program also helps the pet owner afford the additional costs for extractions, and other needs.

How does it work? The plan is designed around a grade two cleaning that renews annually as desired.  However, using features unique to VCP, money is collected over the first 6 months of the plan year, accelerating the collection of your fees. It is up to the practice on when they will provide the dental service. During the oral surgery, if extractions or additional work is needed, the staff can simply add non-renewing optional services to the plan to accommodate the additional treatment. Options can be increments of time or type of tooth (number of roots) and there is no limit to how much you can add.  The system will then spread the cost of those additional services over the remaining payment periods, thus helping the pet owner with payments.   At renewal time, the core dental cleaning renews, the extraction options drop off and the system resumes charging the monthly fee for the grade two cleaning, basically, starting the whole process over.

Membership Plans

The growth of your practice may include the growth of other services you offer. If you offer grooming, daycare or boarding, the VCP platform allows you to add these as options or develop a stand-alone membership programs around just those services. The platform is designed to give you all of the flexibility you need to create compelling plans that your pet owners want. VCP is designed to enable pet owners to budget for all types of care their pets need and is designed to empower veterinary practices to grow and help more pets.

VCP Difference

Beyond all of the core features provided by the VCP platform, the platform also delivers the tools to help you grow.  Advanced analytics allow you to easily see how plans are performing, what options people are choosing, analyze compliance both in and out of plan, and more.

Find out more about VCP and the Business of Wellness and our goal to help you in your quest to continually provide the highest standard of pet care.