Our goal is to provide the business tools and solutions to meet your current needs while being prepared for future growth and opportunities. As your program succeeds, the VCP software and support team will allow you to continue to grow and support your imagination. Treatment Plans, Lifestyle Plans, Employee and Membership Clubs are just a few. Preventive Care Plans is the start, a full wellness solution is at our heart.

Treatment, Lifestyle and Employee Plans

payment management platform

Our goal is to provide an automated billing and payment management platform that allows a practice to create unique offerings beyond the scope of age-based preventive care plans. Consider the improved care and compliance if you offered a diabetic management plan or kidney plan, where a pet owner could spread the cost of optimal disease management into monthly payments. Use your imagination to create lifestyle plans that include daycare, boarding, training and more. And using the VCP platform to create employee plans can help manage and track these benefits, while at the same time demonstrating the importance of preventive care for their own pets.

Treatment Plans

Offering disease management and treatment plans is an amazing way to differentiate your practice and meet the needs of your clients by helping them afford and budget for ongoing care. In fact, a sign of a successful preventive care plan program is that more pets are diagnosed earlier with health issues, which means living longer, healthier lives with proper disease management. Treatment plans allow you to bundle specific services, diagnostics and even products for continued care and therapy. Think arthritis, diabetes, kidney disease, dentistry, rehabilitation, weight management and pain management, just to name a few.

Lifestyle Plans

Offer doggie daycare, luxury boarding or other unique pet care services at your practice? Think creatively, and offer lifestyle plans to increase usage and grow these ancillary business segments.

Employee Plans

One of the most important benefits veterinary practices offer their employees is discounted pet care, but this can easily get out of hand and become very expensive for the practice. Using the VCP platform for employees allows you to structure these benefits, track service consumption and provide documented value. Using a separate portal just for team members allows you to offer plans at discounted rates and automate payments just as you do for clients, reducing the need to allow for paycheck deductions.

Membership Clubs

As the veterinary industry becomes more competitive more than ever practices need a way to differentiate and grow customer loyalty.  While preventive care plans are a great start, your VCP solution allows you to continue to evolve not only through the different plan types mentioned above, but by allowing you to create club concepts for even greater value. Membership clubs allow you to gain loyalty and grow revenue by incorporating other services and products you offer.  VCP helps you incorporate services such as:  Grooming, boarding and day care, and promotional opportunities for products. Only VCP gives you the support and flexibility to build both short-term and long-term programs that add value to your clients while growing revenue for your practice.

Healthier Pets. A Healthy Bottom Line

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