The Business of Wellness

Actionable Insight for Managing and Growing Your Care Plan Program.

The Business of Wellness involves the tools, processes, and strategies to differentiate your program, incorporate additional services, build club concepts and provide the analytic tools needed to manage and drive the growth of the program. The Business of Wellness provides the insights, process and activity monitoring to help make real-time decisions on your care plan program, and the long-term view of how to grow your program to incorporate practice-wide services and offerings to further increase compliance and grow the practice.

Business of Wellness Benefits:

  • Practice branding and culture building
  • Strong recurring revenue
  • Dramatic increase in per pet spend
  • Ease of use of features and tools
  • Cost effective way to achieve the Business of Wellness
  • Increase practice valuation

Business of Wellness Features:

  • Best practices for people, process and technology
  • Multi-dimensional pricing analysis
  • Branding and marketing, advanced strategies for driving plan adoption and your brand
  • Real-time data visibility into your entire program
    • Advanced analytics with industry comparisons
  • Action item tracking
    • Utilization management activity center
  • Missed payment management module
  • Hope is not a strategy (metrics, measurement, analytics and retraining)
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