The foundation to a successful wellness program.

Your VCP team is with you at every step creating a wellness plan offering that is right for your practice and clients. At VCP, we partner with you to quickly and easily create, launch and manage a program specific to your practice and client needs. The Practice of Wellness is the foundation, creation and tactical elements to design and manage your wellness program.

Practice of Wellness Benefits:

  • Doctor’s Specific Preventive Care Protocols Designed into Plans
  • Optional Services to Allow Plans to Be Tailored
  • Options Enable Additional Critical Treatments with Affordable Monthly Payments
  • Increased Compliance for Services In and Out of Plan
  • Ease of Implementation and Management

Practice of Wellness Features:

Your wellness program should build your brand, not some third party. Our goal is for your wellness plan to be your plan, your brand, designed for your clients to build your practice.

Easy plan choice and enrollment allow the team to quickly and methodically enroll new pets, provide relevant optional services, and obtain the plan agreement. Automated communications send a branded welcome message to the pet owner providing them information for their practice-branded pet owner portal.

A wellness coach is with you at every step, providing insight and training on best practices, how to best communicate your wellness offering with your pet owners and on use of the software. Your coach continues to work with you after launch to help ensure your ongoing success.

A well-run wellness program requires much more than recurring payments, which simply attempt a debit. Payment Management involves statement generation, pet owner notification, payment attempt, re-attempts, accounts receivable tracking, and various other aspects of a true, recurring billing solution. At scale, this becomes one of the key areas of work for most practices with just recurring payments.

This is a huge consideration for a successful wellness program, and if not handled correctly adds much work to vital staff. VCP is the only solution that proactively sets out to stop payment issues before they happen from expiring card notifications and smart reattempt logic if a payment is missed to a call center that reaches out, on behalf of your practice, to get clients back on track.

Smart renewal logic automates plan renewal, with all exceptions managed, and allows for age-based renewals. Recurring billing and payment management tools allow you to easily understand financial details. Reports and program dashboards provide insight into program success and quickly identifies areas that might need attention. Tracking production pay and cancellation logic further make aspects of wellness programs much easier.

The Industry’s Most Comprehensive Wellness
Plan Software:

How the practice of wellness is supported is important. VCP provides key differentiating software functionality to facilitate your program, reduce the amount of time to manage and drive success in the practice of wellness.

The cornerstone of any wellness solution is its ability to scale with your practice, while addressing the unique needs of pets and owners. A complete wellness plan solution should, at a minimum, empower your practice to offer and manage customized preventive care plans and overall wellness programs.

Your solution should give you the ability to add optional services at enrollment, or at any point during the plan year, and manage multiple plans types (treatment, preventive care, boarding, etc.) for the same pet. Optional services have been proven to not only increase compliance with overall care of the pet, but also grow wellness plan revenue by 15-20%. For example, common options for an adult canine plan would be microchips, spay/neuter, heartworm/flea/tick, dental, and more.

The last thing you and your busy staff need is a wellness plan you have to babysit. Although renewals may sound easy, the renewal process is fraught with complexity. The reality is most solutions are ill-equipped to handle renewal issues that practices routinely face, ranging from adding preventive services mid-year to making sure a puppy renews as an adult dog, and not renewing plans with payment issues.

Most solutions offer a feature for recurring payments — moving funds from your client’s bank account to your business account — but stop short of providing functionality for recurring billing. Without recurring billing, your staff is saddled with the thankless task of sending payment reminders, calling and tracking down missed payments, keeping tabs on wellness account balances, and managing all aspects of missed payments from clients.

To avoid this headache, choose a wellness solution that automatically generates payment notification reminders and statements, manages missed payments, incorporates a full accounts receivable system, and provides a practice-branded customer portal so your pet owners can manage their account without hand-holding by your staff.

As we noted, it’s inefficient to expect your staff to handle the time-consuming work of calling clients about missed payments. With over 10 million wellness payments under our belt in over 50% of US zip codes, Data shows that your initial missed payment rate could be between 6-8%. So, if you have 300 plans, you can expect 18-24 missed payments per month. (more information on recurring billing)

With a comprehensive payment management solution — one that includes a payment management process — you can proactively eliminate missed payments. The right solution should automatically remind clients of upcoming payments, alert them to expired credit cards, and reattempt payments to fix issues that are temporary (balance limits, authorization holds, fraud alerts, etc.).

Better yet: a solution that makes payment management calls on your behalf. For example, VCP’s wellness plan program solution deploys professionals to call your clients beginning 8 days after a missed payment.

A solution providing automated communications is not merely a tool to empower your clients to take an active role in the wellness of their pets. Automated communications also help to set your practice apart from the competition by encouraging a personal bond with your client. This bond begins with the first automated welcome message and continues as the client builds a relationship with you and your staff through a practice-branded pet owner portal.

Wellness plans offer a not-to-be-missed opportunity to promote additional services in your practice, such as grooming, boarding, holistic medicine, and more. The same software that provides comprehensive preventive care flexibility and functionality can also further your treatment protocols and incorporate more of the services and products you provide.

For example, treatment plans to service chronic pet health issues can help make pet care more affordable for clients. Club concepts can help grow your pharma business, food, and supplies. By thinking outside of the box, you can create training or hospice plans to further meet the needs of your clients.

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