Thinking About Wellness in 2022?

It’s natural to think about kicking off 2022 with a new initiative like a wellness plan program.


Perhaps this is an idea your practice has put on the back-burner for various reasons. Perhaps your team believes wellness plans are discount plans, a common misconception.


If you’re weighing this decision now, here are five compelling reasons to launch your wellness plans this year:


  1. Efficiency
    Wellness programs streamline practice flows. Self-sign up allows clients to complete the enrollment process independently, saving staff time. Forward-booking of appointments cuts down on time spent scheduling visits, while setting client expectations. You have the ability to schedule your wellness visits when it’s convenient for both the pet parent and the practice.

  2. Revenue
    Wellness programs are proven to build practice revenue. The plans educate pet parents about the care their pets need, thereby increasing compliance. VCP’s data shows that spending on wellness plan pets is up to three times higher than spending on non-wellness pets. Plus, optional items add more than 20% to wellness spending.

  3. Retention
    Although practices are very busy right now, studies show that pet parents are shopping around for veterinary care. Wellness plans can be a cornerstone of your strategy to keep those pet parents coming back to your practice – year after year. Rather than waiting to capture the business of these pet parents when times slow down, retain them now by enrolling pets in wellness plans to cultivate loyalty from the outset.

  4. Loyalty
    Wellness plans set the foundation for a lasting relationship with pets and pet parents. Pet parents appreciate the education, customization, and peace of mind provided by wellness plans. Plus, wellness plans allow you to add promotional items to further grow your offerings, promote the use of your services, and stand apart from competitors.

  5. Subscription Economy
    Millennials, now the largest generation of pet parents, have grown up on subscription services and monthly payment plans. They expect a subscription model and are not alone in this preference. These days, all generations enjoy membership programs and, for different reasons, expect budget-friendly payment methods. Wellness plans offer the predictable payments that today’s pet parents expect.

As a partner, VCP provides a wellness platform to easily create and manage wellness plans, with an ecosystem to help grow additional services and provide more care.

The VCP platform is designed to help more pets get care, give pet parents choices, and equip veterinarians with robust tools and analytics to propel practice growth.

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