At VCP, we are financial and technology professionals by trade, and pet lovers at heart. Our experience with the unexpected expense in the day-to-day and emergency care of our pets made us think, there must be a better way. We worked with industry leaders, took our recurring billing and payment software expertise and built what has become the leading industry solution, providing a wellness platform for the easy creation and managing of wellness plans, while also building an eco-system to help grow additional services and provide more care. VCP is designed to help more pets get care, give pet owners choices, and veterinarians tools to grow their practice.

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bob_richardsonPresident of VCP. Prior to leading these companies, he was the COO of publicly-traded Primal Solutions, Inc., an international telecommunications software company.

Bob has over 25 years of senior level experience in software and technology service companies. He co-founded StrataSource, a managed services company, funded by Mayfield Fund & Foundation Capital, and now part of Oracle, as well as Relational Data Systems, a project-based software consulting and systems integration company specializing in database management system applications. He has in-depth knowledge in recurring billing, payments and subscription billing and how they support and fuel wellness plans, membership clubs and eco-system building.

Bob has been working with veterinarians and industry thought leaders since the mid 2000’s to create a comprehensive wellness platform that meets the needs of individual and multi-location practices allowing for ease of use, flexibility and the power to differentiate in the market place. ​

A proud University of Southern California Trojan, he balances his time between building his businesses and spending quality time with his wife, daughters and son. Bob is also a competitive tri-athlete, which comes in handy running after the family’s energetic, and fun-loving cockapoo, Levi.

m_fowlerMike brings over 25 years of information technology and software development experience in the financial and telecom services industry to the VCP platform. His product development background includes more than 15 years of software engineering, product management, and research and development across multiple telecommunications Operations Support Systems (OSS) and Business Support Systems (BSS). He has led numerous development organizations in bringing to market products ranging from network mediation, customer care, billing, rating and fraud management solutions for both circuit and internet protocol telecommunications service providers. Mike brings a unique perspective of Tier 1, 2 and 3 service provider requirements both domestically and internationally through his broad experiences in deploying solutions within rapidly changing telephony markets. Prior to joining H3 Financial Services, and the VCP team Mike served as Vice President, Product Development  for Primal Solutions. Mike also served as Director of Development, CRM, at Corsair Communications, a software products company focused on telecommunications Operations Support Systems (OSS) and Business Support Systems (BSS). He has vast experience as an architect of complex billing solutions including data collection, invoicing, reporting. Mike has a Bachelor of Science Information Technology (BSIT).


Janet is a first-time pet owner. After adopting her Papillion-Terrier mix as a rescue puppy, Janet discovered all the unplanned costs that may arise. This included treatment for advanced case of kennel cough followed by a broken back paw. She is excited to be part of the VCP team, and shares in our mission to deliver an easy-to-use, integrated software platform specifically designed for the veterinary industry. As a financial whiz and pet owner she understands the importance of enabling veterinary practices to offer effective pet owner financing and payment options, while ensuring sound financial returns for veterinarians.

Prior to joining VCP, she was the chief financial officer of CoCaLo, a subsidiary of a publicly-traded company. Janet has over 25 years of accounting experience, including the reporting and compliance demands of public-traded companies. She began her career as an auditor at Price Waterhouse after graduating from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. When not working, Janet spends time with her growing daughter and son, and trying to figure out how their new furry companion has taken control.


Many would think two dogs are a lot of work, for Ron it is twice the fun. But, then again, Ron always keeps busy and work is no different. His experience comes from broad experience in both corporate and advertising agency environments. Loving a challenge, he oversees VCP company operations and thrives on being involved in all aspects of the company, to ensure strategic objectives and a consistent customer experience. He served as COO, of a technology start-up focused on marketing automation software, and successfully ran his own business and brand strategy company for five years. It was during this time he began working with VCP, as one of his clients. He felt so strongly about the company that when asked to join the team he did.

In addition, Ron brings knowledge and experience in creating and supporting strategic partners and relationships along with eight years as the senior vice president of business and brand strategy for a national “Top 25” b2b brand agency. His operational experience also covers sales, customer support, marketing and he is active in product development and quality assurance.

As a pet lover, Ron understands the expense associated with pet wellness and care. One of his Schnauzers, Sebastian, is diabetic requiring two insulin shots daily. The idea of being able to budget, plan for preventive care as well as treatment really hits home and fuels his passion for what VCP delivers. His pet experience was a creative driver to the creation of our positioning line, that to ensure happier and healthy pets, we need to enable veterinary practices grow and prosper and thus – Healthier Pets. A Healthy Bottom Line.

jessica lee

Jessica has worked in the veterinary practice management field for almost 20 years, running practices in Minnesota, North Carolina and Texas. From 2009 to 2015 she worked as a consultant, first for Brakke Consulting and then later with her own company, Pinnacle Integrated Veterinary Solutions.  During that time, she was involved in multiple projects that led to becoming known as a wellness plan “guru,” speaking and writing extensively on the topic. As a result of this work, she was hired by VCP as a consultant to assist with customizing their products and introducing them to the veterinary marketplace. After 4 years of working together, she joined the VCP team full-time as the Director of Veterinary Solutions in January, 2016.

Jessica graduated from Carleton College with a BA in studio art. Although she had never planned on working in the veterinary industry, thanks to adopting a Great Pyrenees puppy (her first dog ever!) an opportunity fell into her lap and the rest is history!  She currently lives in Flower Mound, TX with her three adopted dogs Mei Mei, Luigi and Abee. In her free time, she enjoys kickboxing, yoga and paddle boarding and sometimes she will even sit still long enough to read a book. She dreams of a world where no pet is homeless, and her goal for this year is to become more involved with rescue organizations in her local community.

At VCP we set out and created options that would benefit both the pet owner and veterinarians. We had the financial technology experience; so, we talked and continue to partner with veterinarians, practice managers and industry leaders to design solutions that answer all their needs. Today, our solution has become recognized for delivering easy-to-implement, comprehensive and highly automated wellness plans and payment plans that provide veterinarians and clinics with a powerful tool to market, grow and support their business while empowering pet owners with financial options, at lower costs, allowing them to better afford the care their pets need.

A simpler process for all involved.  VCP offers a comprehensive financial services platform, an integrated single-source solution for the creation, offering, management and marketing of a full suite of financial tools and programs for the veterinary market, including:

It’s About You
At VCP, our business is about building the veterinary practice and helping more pets. Our goal: to earn your trust as a valued partner providing the financial services platform, tools and support that grows your practice and enables more pet owners to obtain the pet care they seek.

Be Trustworthy
In all that we do, our customers, partners, investors, and employees need to see that we honor our promises and respect our relationships. We believe trust is earned and is shown through action.

Think Differently
Because the customer base of our different businesses spans the globe, represent a variety of industries and come in different sizes, we can draw upon those experiences to help solve problems in specific industries from a different perspective.  We can continually evolve leveraging the lessons learned and best practices used across our varied customer community.

Expect and Embrace Change
Over the past 25 years we have lived it in our own business.  Change keeps us relevant and our ideas fresh.  As each new generation takes its place in business, they bring with them new ideas and ways of looking at our industries. Embracing these new ways while leveraging our experience leads to better solutions to help our customers succeed in an ever-changing, competitive environment.

VCP, a wholly owned subsidiary of H3 Financial Services Inc., is dedicated to offering the most advanced and easy-to-use financial services platform. A solution that provides veterinary practices with the financial programs, tools and services to boost sales, enhance loyalty and grow the practice while providing pet owners financial choices to obtain the care their pets need.  We have over 25 years of experience in high-volume, complex and recurring billing and payments and over the last decade we have invested over $30 million in research and development. We have been serving the veterinary industry for years under the brand and due to the tremendous growth and success have created Veterinary Credit Plans to focus solely on the needs of veterinarians, practice managers and industry consultants.