Why Care Plans Are More Important Now Than Ever

The veterinary industry is at a crucial juncture. You’re likely all too aware of the challenges facing today’s practices. From veterinarians and support staff leaving the workforce to online and consumer-direct offerings chipping away at practice revenue, the vet-client bond is suffering as customer loyalty dwindles.


You might look at your books and see that revenue is up, but those numbers cannot be trusted to hold steady. Inflation-linked price increases have caused pet parents to spend more on each vet visit, but what happens when they can no longer afford expensive trips to your clinic? July’s Fountain Report reveals that the overall number of visits is declining. Keeping per-visit costs to your consumers high may provide your bottom line with a temporary fix, but steep per-visit pricing is not a sustainable solution. Care Plans are.


Offering your clients new ways to afford their pet’s care by empowering them to budget over time will strengthen their loyalty. Why? You’ve made their lives easier during a crisis. Care Plans will help you attract new clients, too. After all: What pet parent in any economy doesn’t desire the best care for their pet with the least amount of monetary stress?


Care Plans lead to financial prosperity because they boost your business’s bottom line while alleviating pressure on your clients’ budgets. In short, Care Plans are win-win: Helping your clients help their pets helps you.


Let’s take a closer look at how this all works:


Care Plans Drive 10% Revenue Growth in the First Year


Upon enrollment, your clients instantly become members of your Care Plan program. The membership mentality leads to more office visits, which increases compliance and improves care. Care Plan clients also make more purchases of your out-of-plan product offerings and services. In addition, clients with pets on plans are more likely to listen to a veterinarian’s recommendations because the Care Plan membership model has already fostered that loyalty and trust by its very design. It might seem counterintuitive that Care Plan clients spend more if their goal is to budget, but the key is that spreading out costs allows people to plan and save, affording them the ability to make the best choices for their pets. This is all part of why Care Plans provide an unparalleled means to continue the growth of your loyal customer base and to expand it to new loyal-from-the-start clients.


60% of Plan Sign-Ups Are New Clients – And We Made It Easy to Enroll Them


Did you know that 60% of Care Plan sign-ups are with new clients? That’s a massive influx of new and predictable cashflow. And we make it easy to attract and sign new Care Plan members up. VCP designs a variety of eye-catching marketing materials branded to your practice. We produce short videos covering a range of veterinary topics with an option for custom content. You can use these marketing assets online, in office, or as printed take-home materials for prospective clients to scan and learn about your plans and pre-enrollment. For existing clients, simply push pre-enrollment links via email or text to gain new Care Plan members from your current pet parent pool.


A Plan for Every Pet


We revolutionized Care Plans to keep the vet at the heart of pet care by making our framework customizable to any hospital’s unique protocols. VCP’s cutting-edge functionality, the ability to add and remove optional services at any time, ensures the ability to address changing treatment needs. This way, you can help more pets by offering preventive care, treatment, dental-only, chronic illness plans, and more.


Changing Consumer Behaviors and Challenges to the Industry


Everyone, from millennials to fixed-income retirees, benefits from subscription billing, and many seek it out specifically. Membership and club programs have become so popular for this very reason. Of course, the ability to budget is always beneficial, but it is even more valuable when people are up against financial hardship or uncertainty. On the practice side, Care Plans even out cashflow and provide predictable revenue to your practice. Care Plans are mutually beneficial to the finances of both pet parents and practices. In this day and economic age, that accounts for a lot.


Care Plans Are Veterinary Medicine’s Best Friend


We know you became a veterinary professional because your heart is in the care you give to your patients. Preventing issues and treating any ailments early is a shared goal. Care Plans deliver upon this goal by empowering you to focus on your important work while helping clients afford the care their pet needs. With VCP Care Plans, we can all enjoy a healthier future together.

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